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Reverse Engineering

Creation of a CAD data presentation based on measured point.

Proceeding from polygonized 3D data, a CAD surface or volume model can be generated in a surface feedback process. Via surface feedback, the model is made available for further processing in every CAx system.


In this context, state-of-the-art image processing software allows the editing of sectional image data from medical computer and magnetic resonance tomographies (CT/MCT/MRI), as well as the processing of measurement points from 3D scanners. The processed data set then forms the basis for the subsequent surface feedback.

The following applications become available through the use of reverse engineering:

  • The data processed in the reverse engineering procedure allow the virtual adaptation of patient-specific osteosynthesis implants.
  • The structure of bone databases accelerates the development process in the search for anatomically correct modelling of standardised implants.
  • Preparation of CAD models for use in FEM analyses.
  • Design or functional optimisation of digital original models, e.g. epitheses and dental implants, that is appropriate for manufacturing.

Data Format

  • CT/MRI: DICOM Standard on CD-ROM or DVD
  • 3D Scans: ASCII pointcloud or STL


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