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Static and dynamic mechanical testing

Endurance test and failure analysis.

Mechanical testing is a pivotal step during quality management of raw materials, processed material, components and final industrial products. The static and dynamic strength of structures, as well as the fatigue limit under permanent loads is determined by component testing. The IMA runs a servo-hydraulic universal testing machine to inspect the quality and operating reliability of products and a static material testing machine with integrated heating chamber.


Testing procedures conforming to standards

Due to the up-to-date control system standardized tests according to current international standards or according to customers specification can be performed. A variety of work-holding device and arrangement fixture (e.g. compression and tension tests, four point bending test) are available for regulated or customized experiments. Laser extensometer and compression
device with hard metal insert are used for optimal compression tests on smallest samples. Furthermore fatigue test of components in salt water environment at 37°C can be performed.

Variable loading forms and frequencies

Simple static tests up to 100kN, but also the programming of complex testing procedures with variable static and dynamic load progress or specific load spectrum are possible: Static and dynamic tensile and compressive tests for hydropulsing ranges of ±5 kN on variable loading form (sinusoidal, saw tooth or rectangular function, amplitudes) and programmable frequency (up to 50Hz). High-resolution digital controller for closed-loop control of the load, the displacement or the strain. Control electronics with synchronous rate of 1kHz for the measured value acquisition, incl. realtime processing of all channels.

Failure analysis

Following an endurance test or a destructive compression test, the fractography serves for failure analysis: Electron microscopic inspection of the break plane to investigate the fracture mechanics and evaluation of the occurring failure type or morphology of corrosion. Application of different measuring microscopes with digital image processing.



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