Visualisierung von Containerfl├╝ssen anhand von GPS-Daten


Designing and implementing a visualisation concept used to display container flow based on GPS data.

Frontend of the web application


Java, TypeScript, React, Leaflet, MariaDB, MySQL, Docker, GIS


A visualisation concept as well as its implementation was created for the Bertschi group (Bertschi AG). The visualisation concept incorporates decisions on how to display the geographical flow of their container fleet. The final version of the visualisation concept was implemented in the form of a web application, which serves as a proof of concept and is used as an internal tool by the Bertschi group. For the web application different technologies were evaluated and tested. In addition to being an implementation, the web application contains the capabilities to create geofences for marking certain areas.


The web application had to be constructed from scratch. Some of the technologies have already been used in a preceding project. The data collected from the containers, using smart devices, is available and can be used for this application.


The result of this project is a visualisation concept as well as a web application consisting of three components, the frontend, the backend, and the database. The database stores the data and is structured to allow fast access to the data filtered by date and area. The backend has two jobs, first to act as an interface between the frontend and the database, and second to import new data from uploaded CSV files and pre-process them to allow the frontend to display them. The last component is the frontend. It has multiple jobs; it allows the user to view the GPS data on a map which is designed based on the visualisation concept. In addition to just displaying the data, the frontend allows the user to tweak said data, upload new CSV files to import new data and it provides tools to create, edit and export geofences. The geofences are then used by Bertschi AG to mark physical locations, to determine certain milestones along the track of the containers.

Project data

Bertschi AG
Digital Logistics
Badenerstrasse 13
CH - 5200 Brugg

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Project team

Julischka Saravia, julischka.saravia@students.fhnw.ch

Maurus Spieler, maurus.spieler@students.fhnw.ch

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