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Harnessing patient journeys for improved health outcomes

We participated in an event organized by the Precision Medicine Group Basel Area and gave a talk on “Harnessing patient journeys for improved Health Outcomes”. Frank Kumli wrote a nice summary of the event.


TEDx video now on-line: “Visualizing human data trails”

The video from our talk at TEDx Basel is now on-line:…


Talk at TEDx Basel

We participated in the TEDx Conference in Basel, where Dominique gave a talk around the topic of “Data Trails”, and also included work from our projects with patient flows in hospitals.

Medical Devices, Security in Healthcare

Security Challenges for Medical Devices

The April 2015 issue of the “Communications of the ACM” magazine features an interesting article about the security challenges for medical devices.


Visual analytics in health care

The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) just published a special issue on the use of visual analytics to support the analysis of complex clinical data. The issue provides a broad picture of active work in this area, including four research and applications papers,…


Healthinf 2015

We participated in Healthinf 2015 (8th International Conference on Health Informatics) and presented our paper on the DRGee Viewer:D. Brodbeck, M. Degen, A. Walter, S. Reichlin, Ch. Napierala. Strategic Planning of Hospital Service Portfolios – The DRGee Viewer. Proceedings of HEALTHINF 2015, 8th International Conference…