eDim – eDisease Management

 Enabling Large-Scale Telemedical Disease Management through Interactive Visualization


Automated collection and storage of medical data leads to large amounts of heterogeneous and time-dependent information. Out of this follows the problem of how to access and interpret this data, in order to support therapeutic decision making. Telemedical disease management holds great potential for the efficient and effective treatment of chronic diseases. The realization of this potential however depends on finding a solution to the information overload problem. This paper describes a highly interactive visualization system that gives caregivers an overview of trends and critical patterns, and provides easy access to details without loosing the big picture. We report on the results from two case studies that confirm the validity of this approach and suggest that it is well suited to enable large-scale telemedical disease management programs.

D. Brodbeck, R. Gasser, M. Degen, S. Reichlin, J. Luthiger. Enabling Large-Scale Telemedical Disease Management through Interactive Visualization. Proceedings of MIE 2005, Geneva, August 29-31, 2005. European Notes in Medical Informatics, Vol I No 1, 2005, pp. 1172-1177.