Android Client for mobile, medical communication systems

This bachelor thesis consisted of the development of an application for the android cell-phone Nexus S. The application is part of a larger project, whose goal is to support the fast and mobile communication between people in a hospital. Data of patients can be displayed on different clients (desktop, iPhone and Android). In addition it should be possible for these clients to extend the data of the patients, meaning adding new documents to a patient. At the moment desktop and iPhone clients have been completed, or are in the process of being realized. In order to access patient data a user has to be authorized. The user then has access to all data that has been appointed to this patient.

For the development of the android clients, the code of the data model, as well as the access to the server, reused from the desktop client, with minor adjustments. The goal of the Android client is to display the patient data in an orderly fashion and provide functions to upload video, image and audio data onto the server. In order to be able to show important patient data in the general view locally, without having access to the server with the patient data, an additional application was developed, that served as a provider for the patient data. This application consists of a database and a view which shows the patients that are saved in the database. From this application it is possible to add and delete patients and change their data.

In the first section a patient overview was developed and a list which shows all patients of a doctor with the most important information as for example the name, the gender or a short diagnosis. In the second section the patient details were realized. It is split up in: “see patient details”, “see records (documents)” and “create records”. The single views are managed in tabs. In the „see patient details“-view all data of a patient is shown, including detailed diagnosis. In the view “see records” a user is able to view all patient records (PDF, Video, Audio, Image). The “create record” tab contains views to create records (Video, Audio, Image) or choose them from existing documents to upload them onto the server.

Today the free operating system and software platform Android by Google is already used by many mobile phone manufacturers and developers. By the widespread use, a lot of source codes of applications and numerous developer forums to the subject of Androids exist.