Structured Reporting in the Radiology Department


This thesis has its focus on the improvement of descriptive work methods of radiologists of the university hospital Basel. The goal is to improve the speed and structure of radiological reports provided by a new software prototype.

The work process in the radiology department is analysed, followed by a research about the possibilities and limitations of other types of software with the approach of structured reporting. In parallel, the use of input devices was tested for replacing either the microphone, the keyboard or the computer mouse. In addition the evaluation for the prototype is determined in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

The concept of the prototype application is introduced in the result section. The work method for generating a radiology report with the new kind of software is declared at this point.
The last section holds the evaluation, given by the mentoring radiologist. It also gives a feedback about the prototype’s test phase. It discusses the possible alternatives for hardware and software components and gives perspectives on how the prototype can be improved in the future.