Patrick Romann

Big things arise at the interface between different fields – interdisciplinarity. That’s what I realized after my Bachelor studies in Biochemistry at the University of Zurich (UZH) and during multiple internships in the biotech industry. Harnessing the knowledge of natural sciences and applying engineering principles to create value for patients inspired me and paved my way into bioprocess technology.

To combine my eager to spend time in a foreign country to discover new cultures and improve language skills with my Master studies, I decided to start the trinational Master course in biotechnology at the École supérieure de Strasbourg (ESBS). This collaboration between the University of Basel, Freiburg and Strasbourg was a great place to learn bioprocess technology in an international environment. A final Master Thesis project at Lonza Biologics in Slough (UK) in the USP development department allowed me to gain even deeper insight into the monoclonal antibody industry and prepared me for my next step, an industrial PhD position at FHNW in collaboration with Merck Serono.

My research focuses on mammalian perfusion process optimization for mAb production with a strong weight on product quality, using state-of-the-art technology. Exactly this interdisciplinarity between natural sciences and engineering is what fascinates me the most about this project and drives my curiosity.