Cybersecurity Research Landscape – FHNW has most researchers in Education and Training

18. Oktober 2023

A recent study conducted by armasuisse Science and Technology and the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) offers an insightful analysis of Switzerland’s cybersecurity research efforts. The study involved 22 Swiss universities and examined their contributions to 14 different cybersecurity research domains, as defined by the European Joint Research Center.

Key findings from the study indicate that a substantial amount of research resources, equivalent to 297 full-time positions (FTEs), are devoted to cybersecurity research in Switzerland. However, there is significant disparity in the allocation of these resources. Half of the research domains receive limited attention, with just 7.2 FTEs combined. In contrast, the top three domains—software and hardware security engineering, cryptology, and network and distributed systems—absorb the majority of research efforts, accounting for 174 FTEs.

The domain of network and distributed systems emerges as the most popular area of research, with the active involvement of nine universities, underscoring its significance within Switzerland’s cybersecurity landscape.

Notably, the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) is a recognized contributor to Switzerland’s cybersecurity research scene. FHNW hosts a significant number of researchers in this field, and it is particularly noteworthy for its emphasis on education and training in cybersecurity.

This survey provides valuable insights into the distribution of resources and research focus in Switzerland’s cybersecurity landscape. It underlines the nation’s dedication to advancing its capabilities and expertise in this critical field.

In summary, Switzerland’s cybersecurity research landscape is characterized by a substantial commitment of resources, with varying degrees of focus across different research domains. The study sheds light on the country’s strengths and areas where further investment and development may be necessary to bolster its cybersecurity research initiatives.

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