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We Welcomed Future Cybersecurity Defenders for the National Future Day 2023

13. November 2023

National Future Day, or Nationaler Zukunftstag, is an annual event that opens the doors of approximately 2,500 businesses, organizations, vocational schools, and universities to eager students. This day provides a unique opportunity for young minds to explore interesting and exiting career paths. The year 2023 saw a remarkable turnout, with numerous entities extending their support and resources to nurture the curiosity and enthusiasm of students for a diverse range of professions.

Our Digital Trust Competence Center at FHNW actively participated in this year’s National Future Day, with Janine, Hermann, and Pascal leading the day. Eighteen children, comprising 16 girls and 2 boys, joined us for a day dedicated to demystifying the complex world of cybersecurity. Under the theme of «Cyberhero Transformation – Identify and Mitigate Internet Risks,» the young participants delved into the fascinating topic of online security.

The day commenced with the children sharing their existing knowledge and personal experiences regarding cyber risks. It was heartening to witness their genuine interest and awareness in this crucial field. To kick off the activities, the group embarked on a tour of our facility, offering them a behind-the-scenes look at the daily operations of the FHNW.

After the lunch break, the participants were divided into groups, each tackling one of the five significant cyber risks: «Liars and Scammers», «Viruses, Worms, and Trojans,» «Ads, Competitions, and Online Shopping», «Cyber Mobbing», and «Protection of Personal Data.»

In a creative twist, the children used Lego bricks to construct visual representations of these risks, fostering a hands-on and engaging learning environment. The discussions that followed revolved around identifying strategies to mitigate these risks, encouraging critical thinking and collaboration among the cyber enthusiasts.

As the day unfolded, it became evident that these young minds were not merely passive participants but proactive problem solvers. Their innovative approaches to understanding and addressing cyber risks showcased a genuine interest in the subject matter. To recognize their efforts and newfound knowledge, each participant was awarded a certificate making them «Cybersecurity Defender.»

In the spirit of National Future Day, our team at FHNW is proud to have played a role in shaping the future aspirations of these talented young individuals. The Cyberhero Transformation day not only demystified the world of cybersecurity but also ignited a spark of curiosity and resilience within each participant. As we reflect on the success of this event, we are optimistic that these Cybersecurity Defenders will carry their newfound skills and enthusiasm into the future, contributing to a safer and more secure digital landscape for all.

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