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CAS in Environmental Technology and Management

The Certificate of Advanced Studies is a part-time continuing education programme for high school graduates. The FHNW offers five CAS programmes in Environmental Technology and Management:

The CAS Technology and the Environment covers the fundamentals of water, earth and air systems, as well as the substances which they carry and spread around the world.

CAS Chemistry, Health and Environment: Chemistry is fundamental to human society, adding to quality of life but also posing significant risks. Our health is inextricably linked to the world around us and it is therefore essential to understand the environmental dangers associated with chemicals.

The CAS Management and Environment is a multi-disciplinary module which presents and analyses technical and scientific elements from a management perspective.

CAS Environmental Legislation and Enforcement provides an introduction to Swiss and international environmental law, as well as the knowledge required for working in the development and enforcement of environmental law.

The CAS Development and Environment looks at the links between development and environmental problems; it also covers concepts and strategies relating to sustainable development.

Each certificate course is also one module in the MAS programme. If you attend a CAS, you will be alongside those studying towards an MAS in Environmental Technology and Management. The workload is around 300 hours (10 ECTS points). Successful completion of the CAS course is recognised with an FHNW certificate.

Please note: The teaching language is German.


You can apply up until the calendar week 1 for the spring semester and calendar week 31 for the autumn semester of the academic year in question:

Courses in Environmental Technology and Management

The CAS courses are each divided into four theme blocks, each of which is also offered individually (Overview). Those interested can rapidly bring their knowledge up to date, receiving information on the current situation and future developments in that particular field. 


Anne Honegger, Course Coordinator

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