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The Institute for Pre-Primary and Early Primary Education

The Institute for Pre-Primary and Early Primary Education, which is part of the FHNW School of Education, offers a Bachelor of Arts programme in Pre-Primary and Early Primary Education.  Aimed at students wishing to become pre-school and early primary teachers, the programme is offered at three of the school's campuses, i.e. Brugg-Windisch, Liestal and Solothurn.

Qualification for all types of pre-primary and early primary school
The programme prepares future teachers to work with children aged four to nine at any one of four levels: foundation, , pre-school, elementary, and early primary (years one to three). The programme is recognised by the EDK (Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education) for teaching anywhere in Switzerland.

Career options
Students obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree that qualifies them to enrol in further studies at the FHNW School of Education and any other institution of tertiary education, such as a university.

Relevance to the profession
In our Practical Studies courses, we work closely with (pre-) primary schools. We also offer further training and continuing education opportunities to qualified teachers.

Our Departments conduct work on a variety of projects involving learning environments and play; they also deliver services related to the development of early-years education to cantons in north-western Switzerland, and to other clients.