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Degree Courses

The FHNW School of Social Work offers a two-tier BA and MA curriculum.

BA Social Work students build skills enabling them to plan and critically reflect on educational, training, counselling and support processes, to resolve action problems, and to further develop and adapt processes, procedures and methods to changing contexts. Successful graduates are also qualified to work as team leaders in intermediary organisations.

On this foundation, MA Social Work students acquire the skills required to evaluate social work methods, courses of action, and programmes in their capacity as research associates, project leaders, executive staff, programme managers or staff employees. Coursework equips them to develop social work and social policy courses of action, methods, and programmes adequate to resolving given problems in transdisciplinary contexts and unfamiliar environments. Successful graduates have learned to anticipate models for the future and development opportunities, to elaborate these in cooperation with those concerned, and to implement and transfer the knowledge obtained into other systems.

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