In the months of the Corona Virus Crisis (Spring 2020), many musicians got into existential trouble due to cancelled concerts and postponed projects. The countless videos of musical Skype-sessions showing whole orchestras piecing together any repertoire pieces seem to serve not only as time killer but as a proof of one’s agency as a musician under tight restraints.

But what about imaginative and collaborative musical acts as improvisation, instant composing, performative or installative stagings? What kind of creative projects, collective practices and processes leading to new types of aesthetic products can emerge from these dissociated circumstances?

A project of the seminar “In between” of the Hochschule für Musik Basel/FHNW.

With contributions by master students of Sonic Space Basel:
Umberto Beccaria
Chi Him Chik
Jacek Adam Chmiel
Tomohiro Iino
Zacarias Maia
Jakub Jarosław Miarczyński
Sylvain Monchocé
Luciana Morelli
Vicente Moronta
Christian Moser
Eleni Ralli
Paula Sánchez
Marie-Louise Schneider
Tsugumi Shirakura
Iulia-Andrea Smeu
Lara Süß
Alina Traine
Jana Wirth

Concept: Prof. Michel Roth
Coaches: Prof. Jürg Henneberger, Prof. Michel Roth, Prof. Christian Dierstein