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SQL Scrolls

27. Mai 2021

How can we get students to enjoy learning to program?

This question has inspired us to develop a prototype game for SQL learning. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a special-purpose programming language specifically designed to handle data in relational data management systems and is at the heart of most business information systems. Each year around 340 FHNW students study it at the Schools of Business and Engineering in Basel, Olten and Brugg. To master the language, one needs to practice for 30 to 40 hours.

Our innovative learning solution has been conceived, developed and tested within an MSc project  in Business Information Systems (BIS), by Kai Krause. Preliminary survey results show that 96% of students love the game and want to practise in this way for their exam. The game can be played until the end of term at We have applied for funding to extend this game to provide enough teaching material and fun for the whole SQL spectrum we teach at the FHNW.

Testimonials from students


I really like the appearance of the gamified UI with all its little details – it definitely encouraged me to learn SQL.

It was very easy to understand and looked nice.

Ela Pustulka has expertise in databases, data integration, algorithms, UX and bioinformatics. In 2002, she graduated with a PhD in computing science at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She also holds an MA in English, an MPhil in Scottish Literature and a BA.
Kai Krause is a student in MSc Business Information Systems. He has in-depth programming skills and has developed the SQL game.

Schlagworte: Innovation, programming, sql

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