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Article on Live Paper in the newspaper 20 Minuten

The newspaper 20 Minuten has published an article on our research project.

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Mortgage advisory with 'Live Paper': The development team is testing the prototype.


FHNW Newsletter presents current project status

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Opening of the Innovation Lab at the HBL

Live Paper prototype at the opening of the Innovation Lab of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg HBL

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Upfront Thinking Conference 2016

At this year's Upfront Thinking Conference in Zurich Ulrike Schock presented the research project Live Paper. Her presentation encountered such great interest that the session had to be repeated later in the day!

Ongoing Research

User Centered Design and Development

Work in progress - insights to our iterative prototyping process.

Student Projects

Speech Recognition Swiss German

Speech recognition with Swiss German is still a relatively new territory. Especially in the field of advisory settings, there is a lot to be done. This project should make it possible to identify various technical terms in such a conversation and to record them.

Student Projects

Object Recognition and Tracking

Within the 'Live Paper' setup everyday objects serve as input devices. The system has to be enabled to recognize and to track them.

Student Projects

Interaction patterns

The bachelor thesis explores new interaction patterns for number input possibilities.