Studying Abroad

Bachelor students enrolled at the FHNW School of Business may (or if they are IM full-time students, must) apply for one semester abroad at one of our partner universities or go abroad as free movers.

The selection process to go to one of our partner universities always happens during the spring semesters, but preparation starts during the autumn semesters. Students wishing to go abroad as free movers need not apply in the selection process.

An initial information session called “A Taste of International Opportunities” is offered for all first-year School of Business students during the introductory day. This session is followed by the “Virtual International Afternoon & Mobility Fair” session on 27 October 2023, which is MANDATORY for all students planning to go abroad in the following academic year.

Note: BOEK/IM part-time students need to attend the International Afternoon in the second year of their studies.

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