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Gamification – How to make user and consumers engage

7. April 2014
Marketers, teachers and educators have long known that people engage more if you let them play. From the very beginning of advertising a wide range of Loyality Programmes have been used to engage consumers. The emerge of the digital world an the omnipresence of the web combined with the possibilities smartphones and other electronic devices have given gamification a completely new push. Market research predict that the gamification industry will become a 2.8 Billion Dollar industry by 2016.
This event is organized by i-net.
6th of May, 7pm, Sicht-bar, Basel, Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel
The speakers are:
Matthias Sala, founder of Gbanga, is the developer of «famiglia», and will present strategies on how to make brands, applications and products more playful.
Safak Korkut, Researcher at FHNW, will give insights into Tourney, a game platform designed for teachers to create educational games for their students. Claudia Giorgetti, Head Group Marketing and Melanie Rüde, Head Internet at Nationale Suisse, will tell the story behind the award winning «Cargo Game» that aims to show how exiting insurance can be.
The presentations and discussions will be followed by a relaxed get-together with food and drinks.
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