Call for Abstracts

Deadline: 30.04.2021

The scientific event will provide an opportunity for experts in KTT to engage in a discussion on UAS achievements and challenges in this topic area.


Presentations are sought on the following topics, among others:

  • Organization und governance of KTT at UAS
  • KTT through education: challenges, successful project examples
  • Cooperation with companies in education
  • R&D with and for companies
  • Cross‐divisional framework agreements with companies and other organisations
  • Start‐ups and spin‐offs at UAS
  • Relationship between knowledge transfer and other domains of UAS
  • KTT in the economic and social sciences
  • UAS as bridge builders? Cooperation with universities in KTT
  • Cooperation with new players in the research and innovation system (e.g. Switzerland Innovation, NTN Innovation Booster)
  • UAS as preferred KTT partner of SMEs?
  • Impact of UAS KTT
  • Digitalisation of UAS KTT

The publication of selected contributions in the event proceedings will be possible.

Formal Criteria

Max. 500 words, DE/EN/FR possible

Required Contents:

  • Authors (first and last names, title and position, organization, email)
  • Title of the talk
  • Topic area (problem, questions to be addressed)
  • Design & methods (e.g. conceptual talk, case study, survey, etc.)
  • Key results
  • Conclusions

Email with the subject line «KTT@UAS: abstract submission» to