10/2019: Presentation and concert at Milan’s Duomo

On October 29, an extraordinary event will take place at Milan’s Duomo. An ensemble from the Schola Cantorum, lead by Federico Sepúlveda, Ivo Haun, and Catherine Motuz, will perform music by Gaffurius and Josquin at the Duomo. For the first time after centuries, the newly restored Librone 1 (the first of Gaffurius’s choirbooks) will return from the archive to the cathedral, and the Schola singers and instrumentalists will read directly from it.

Before the concert, Agnese Pavanello and Daniele Filippi will present the Polifonia Sforzesca publications, including the books Motet Cycles between Devotion and Liturgy and Codici per cantare, and the Gaffurius Codices research portal (https://www.gaffurius-codices.ch/, online from October 20). During the same pre-concert event, director Thomas Drescher and director of research Martin Kirnbauer will introduce the Schola to the Milanese public. The Duomo Archivist Maddalena Peschiera will illustrate the recent restoration of Librone 1. Finally, Federico Sepúlveda will comment on the musicians’ work with Gaffurius’s manuscript. The concert will be followed by a reception offered by the Swiss General Consulate in Milan.

Both events are part of the Month of Music 2019 at the Duomo, dedicated to “The Duomo at the Time of Leonardo: Gaffurio and Music as discordia concors”, for which Daniele Filippi served as artistic director.

If you happen to be in Milan, make sure to reserve a place from this page: https://www.duomomilano.it/en/article/2019/09/16/month-of-music-2019/191/