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05/2020: Working on the Motet Cycles Edition

During the lockdown, the Polifonia Sforzesca Team has been working (from three different countries!) on the Motet Cycles Edition: Agnese Pavanello, Cristina Cassia and Daniele Filippi prepared the scores, critical apparatuses, and commentaries (with the help of Eva…


11/2019–02/2020: An exhibition on Gaffurius and Leonardo

At the conclusion of the Leonardo Anniversary 1519–2019, the Duomo of Milan organised an exhibition about the cathedral in the time of Da Vinci’s stays in Milan. Daniele Filippi curated the section on Franchinus Gaffurius. The…


10/2019: Publication of the Gaffurius Codices Research Portal

The Polifonia Sforzesca Research Team is glad to announce the publication of the Gaffurius Codices Research Portal.


06/2019: New book published: Motet Cycles between Devotion and Liturgy

Our new book Motet Cycles Between Devotion and Liturgy has been published by Schwabe Verlag.
This book explores the corpus of motet cycles composed and disseminated in manuscript and printed sources of polyphony ca. 1470–ca. 1510, including works by Loyset Compère, Gaspar van Weerbeke, and Franchinus Gaffurius.


05/2019: New book published: Codici per cantare

Our new book Codici per cantare: I Libroni del Duomo nella Milano sforzesca has been published by Libreria Musicale Italiana.
The Libroni (literally “big books”) prepared for the Duomo under chapel master Franchinus Gaffurius are among the most valuable cultural treasures from Renaissance Milan.