01/2021: Gaffurius Goes Online, or The Digital (and Physical) Future of Polyphonic Sources

The four Gaffurius Codices of Milan’s Duomo are among the most significant sources of polyphony c.1500. At the conclusion of the research project ‘Polifonia Sforzesca/Sforza Polyphony: The Motet Cycles in the Milanese Libroni between Liturgy, Devotion, and Ducal Patronage’ (2018–2020, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation), we would like to share our experience in studying and cataloguing them, preparing open-access online resources and digital editions, and interacting with interdisciplinary scholars, conservators, restorers, and performers. The presentation also aims to open a discussion about the future of source studies: how to achieve a successful mix between digital initiatives and the enhancement of the sources’ materiality?

Join us on Thursday, January 14, 2021, at 18.00 for a Zoom presentation

Please register at https://www.musik-akademie.ch/schola-cantorum-basiliensis/de/home.html.

Presented by Agnese Pavanello, Cristina Cassia, Daniele V. Filippi,
and Rolf Wissmann (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis / FHNW)
Guest speaker: Thomas Schmidt (University of Huddersfield)