11/2019–02/2020: An exhibition on Gaffurius and Leonardo

3. January 2020

At the conclusion of the Leonardo Anniversary 1519–2019, the Duomo of Milan organised an exhibition about the cathedral in the time of Da Vinci’s stays in Milan. Daniele Filippi curated the section on Franchinus Gaffurius. The newly restored Librone 1 was on display, together with Gaffurius’s treatises and other documents. A special attraction was a multimedia station realised in partnership by the Polifonia Sforzesca Team and the Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale of the State University in Milan: it allowed visitors to listen to a recording of a motet by Gaffurius , visualising in sync the corresponding pages of Librone 1, two types of modern transcription, and the Latin text with Italian and English translations.

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