Vicentino21 – a digital edition with commentary, translation and practical exploration of Nicola Vicentino’s «L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica» (Rome 1555)

Nicola Vicentino’s “L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica” (Rome 1555) is a central treatise on music, performance practice and music theory of the 16th century, which has been underestimated and only partially evaluated. A digital critical edition provides new access. The aim of the four-year project is to research the historical, intellectual and musical context of Nicola Vicentino (1510-1577) as well as the reception and influence of his revolutionary ideas and reflections on music and music theory (i.a. reintroduction of ancient chromatic and enharmonic music), as described in his treatise of 1555. To this end, “Vicentino21” is creating a digital edition of the treatise and its music, with translations, commentaries and sound samples, which will be made available open access on a platform. More



Collating Vicentino’s «L’antica musica» (Rome 1555): New Digital Investigation Tools

In a study of textual criticism, the collation of sources is an operation of primary importance. It is a sophisticated process of comparing copies of the same text, looking for places where it differs. In early modern period, where corrections are common in printed books because the press could be…


«Vicentino21» and NIE-INE. An Unfortunately Much Too Short Cooperation

Every end is also a beginning. This admittedly very hackneyed phrase describes the relationship between “Vicentino21” and NIE-INE quite well. NIE-INE stands for “National Infrastructure for Editions” and is a project supported by swissuniversities. Its aim is to create a comprehensive work and publication platform for Swiss editions. For more than…


Towards a Census of Surviving Copies of Vicentino’s «L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica» (Rome 1555 and 1557)

The first step towards an extensive bibliographical survey of Nicola Vicentino’s L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica (Rome 1555 and 1557) is the census of the today preserved copies of the print. This investigation yielded several interesting surprises.An important starting point for music bibliographical research is provided by RISM. Published writings on music…


Researching at the Time of Covid-19

To reach Ferrara from Venice, Nicola Vicentino had to cross the border that separated the Republic of Venice from the territories of the Este dukedom. The border guards would stop him and ask him to show the documents and the good health bulletin (‘bollettino di sanità’). The protection of his patron,…


A Basilisk in Vicentino’s «L’antica musica»

There is a basilisk in Nicola Vicentino’s L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica. It is hidden inside one of the five big capital letters, illustrated with a mythological scene, which open the different books of the treatise: precisely in the ‘P’ opening the third book of the Prattica (fol. 43r). In the capital letter we…

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