The FHNW Rover Team consists of 23 Students from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, FHNW. The Team is supported by the Computer Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Information Technology Degree Programs.

Tim Ecknauer
Organizational Leader
Luca Colombi
Technical Leader
Alain Lavoyer
Assistant Technical Leader
Marc Hochuli
Head of Electronics, Drivetrain
Daniel Meier
Power Distribution
Philipp Gurtner
Power Distribution
Pascal Burki
Manipulator Automation
Luca Wüthrich
Sample Analysis
Yan Lütolf
Head of Mechanics, Drivetrain
Claudio Stampfli
Probing & Sampling, Sponsoring
Dominic Lehmann
Wheel Unit
Leonardo Rössler
Tool Changer
Silvan Stutz
Levin Küng
OC Rover-Träff, Social Media
Oliver Amport
Pascal Weber
Rehan Agarwal
Head of IT, ROS
Sandro Covo
Head of IT, Navigation
Hanan Mufti
Energy Report, UI
Julian Steinacher
UI, Lighteffects
Leon Lüthi
Lorenzo Baldassarri
Philippe Krüttli
Prof. Dr. Schleuniger
Coach Electrical Engineering Team
Mr. Günthart
Coach Mechanical Engineering Team
Prof. Dr. Stamm
Coach Computer Science Team