This is the official blog of the FHNW Rover Team, a team consisting of fourteen students (check: Team – Blog FHNW Rover Team). Together we are engineering a rover for the European Rover Challenge.

Is the extra effort worth it, compared to a “normal” project?
Engineering and improving a rover is challenging and does prevent a considerable workload! But in a well-working team, it is also pretty fun. It is rewarding to be working on a project that does fulfil a certain purpose. See how the different parts are coming together and improving the rover keeps our motivation high. We also learn a lot, whether it be writing software, implementing hardware or designing components.

Where can more information about the FHNW Rover Team be found?
We try to put all the information onto this blog, but we also have LinkedIn and Instagram.
Following are the links to our other social media platforms:

What is the “European Rover Challenge”?
The European Rover Challenge (ERC) is an international student competition held yearly in Poland. Its aim is to advance science and space discovery further while preparing students for the industry. You can find more information here Competition – Blog FHNW Rover Team and here About the ERC | European Rover Challenge.

Why was your Rover called Meyer 1?
Our rover was named after Prof. Dr Martin Meyer, the former Dean of the FHNW School of Engineering. He inspired young students and engineers at the university for decades and is now retired.
The “1” is just for the looks.

Why is your second-generation Rover called Thommen?
We wanted to keep the tradition of calling our rover after a person at the FHNW upright.
Prof. Daniel Thommen is our former Head of the Mechanical Engineering Program.
We want to honour his engagement for the FHNW in general but especially we would like to point out what he has done for this project, as he was one of the major enablers.
Nevertheless, we decided to discard the number behind the name, so no more numbers just for looks.
If you want to know more about this topic, check out our post:
The Second Generation of our Rover is called…

Can I join?
Sure! We are looking for students that are in their first year and motivated to join the project next year. Feel free to show us your interest and contact us at