The Second Generation of our Rover is called…

28. November 2022

As you might have noticed, the European Rover Challenge 2022 is over and we were able to score an amazing 6th place. If you want to read more about our experiences on the on-site challenge, go check out our last post.

But that also means that our project is moving into its second round and thus, the rover is also getting an overhaul.
We are currently working on improving the weak spots that showed up during the competition in Poland. Be excited about how our rover’s second generation will look!
There will be some major changes, especially for the chassis and the robotic arm.
But with all those changes, a new name for the second generation of the rover is in need.

We are grateful to present to you our next rover: Thommen

After the retirement of our dean Prof. Dr Martin Meyer, who was the main inspiration for naming our first generation rover Meyer-1, Prof. Daniel Thommen, the head of the mechanical engineering program, is also going into his earned retirement.

Prof. Daniel Thommen, former Head of the Mechanical Engineering Program

It is sure to say that Mr Thommen played a significant role in how the whole mechanical engineering program is set but he also managed to motivate a lot of students and shape how we perceive the FHNW in general.

In this context, we would like to thank Mr Thommen for his general engagement at the FHNW and especially for helping to enable this project!

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