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PERSONALIS: a personalized medicine’s platform for patients with autoimmune diseases

Prof. Miho presented the INTERREG funded project “PERSONALIS: a personalized medicine’s platform for patients with autoimmune diseases” that was developed at aiHealth Lab in the IM2 institute. She focused on the integration of clinical, laboratory and multi-omics data to leverage machine learning for personalized diagnostics.Early and accurate disease diagnosis is crucial for stopping disease progression…

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Best Paper award Paper – IEEE Sensors Conference 2022

We are very happy to announce that Céline Vergne won the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE Sensors Conference 2002 in Dallas (USA) on November 2, 2022. The results presented were obtained by José Inácio during his Bachelor thesis. Congratulations to José Inácio for his great work and achievements…


Jonas Gschwind receives SSB+RM Student Travel Award

Jonas Gschwind from FHNW is awarded with the SSB+RM Student Mobility Grant for his Biomedical Engineering master thesis in the Master of Science in Life Sciences in collaboration with the research group of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Fleck at…


Poster Award for Eriberto Natali

We are very happy to announce that Eriberto Natali won the best poster award of the Basel Postdoc Network Meeting held in Gruyères 21 – 23 september 2022 Computational deconvolution of the dengue immune response complexity with identification of…


Poster Award for Céline Vergne

We are very happy to announce that Céline Vergne won the bronze medal at the poster award of the 8th DBE Research Day 2022, with her poster entitled “Development and characterization of an electromagnetic tracking system: Application to deep brain stimulation surgery”.Congratulations!Bronze for Céline Vergne – “Development and characterization of…

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A new doctor in the neuroengineering team!

After 5 years of work in the team as PhD student, Dorian Vogel successfully defended his Doctoral thesis on the 3rd of June 2022 in Linköping, Sweden. The thesis was co-financed by the School of Life Sciences, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, and the Swedish Research Council via the…


Impressions from tunBasel 16.5.2022

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Development of a sensor fusion method for AR-based surgical navigation

Current surgical navigation systems are mostly limited to displaying their results on external monitors in the vicinity of the patient, which forces the surgeon to switch between the displayed planning and the surgical site. Augmented reality (AR) devices reduce this problem by directly displaying the planning in the surgeon’s field…

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MEET THE EXPERT – Implants, 8th September 2022, FHNW Campus Muttenz

[MEET THE EXPERT] Implants is taking place for the twelfth time in 2022 and is the well-known event for the implant industry in Europe. The proven concept of this one-day conference is designed equally for manufacturers of implants, suppliers and service providers, as well as for universities and institutes. The…

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SPIRITS-Project: Publication @Precision Engineering

Development of models for additively manufactured actuators using compliant Wren mechanism…

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MANADBS project

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been widely accepted as an effective treatment for movement disorders such as Parkinson Disease (PD), essential tremor or dystonia. During DBS, high-frequency (mostly 130Hz) electrical stimulation is applied to disrupt the abnormal information flow using multi-contact electrodes implanted in the structures of the brain…

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STABLE Project

Tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic muscle contraction leading to shaking movements and thus affecting daily life activities. Often people relate tremor with Parkinson’s disease. However, the cause of shaking body parts may be the result of other diseases or disorders like essential tremor, cerebellar, physiological, or psychogenic tremor. Over 22…

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KOKORO Project

Creating a heart model inspired by origami – In the Nano Argovia project KOKORO, scientists are using nanostructured cellulose as a scaffold for cell cultures.

In the Nano Argovia project KOKORO (Japanese for “heart”), a team of researchers from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), the Department of Biomedicine (DBM) at the University of Basel, and Omya International AG are developing a novel, three-dimensional heart model.

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