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Five things recruiters look for in a cover letter

There’s a lot of advice out there on the best way to write a cover letter, mostly focused on avoiding mistakes. Career-skill programs typically like to familiarize students with “killer lines” or genre-specific formalities, or with the dos and don’ts of language or layout. This often leads to the (faulty)…


Applying design thinking to content creation

When we create content for online channels, we usually work with a hypothesis on what we think users need or want. We make content choices based on this hypothesis. When the product of this ‘guesswork’ goes live, it is then put to test. Do people interact and engage with it?

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Case Study Research Design

Two tutorials on Case Study Research Design are now available. Case studies are frequently used in research and occasionally used loosely.  However, case studies have a unique nature, logic and a versatile design. Two new tutorials are now available guiding you through  what case studies are and how to design…


Student coaching sessions: Some tutor impressions

Scores of students have received individual coaching sessions with Writing Hub tutors over the past weeks. What have we, as tutors, discovered? Here are some provisional findings.


CV season: Aviod sily miStacks

(Photo: cvonline.me)As you hurtle towards the end of the semester and the end of your studies, many of you will be working on your job applications. While companies increasingly use on line applications forms, the traditional CV is still usually part of your dossier. Barclays Bank runs a Life Skills platform to…