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Spin-offs at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences

How to promote science based spin-offs and academic entrepreneurship? Science based spin-offs are becoming increasingly important for economic and social progress.

This project generates empirically based knowledge on spin-off formation of academics at Swiss universities of applied sciences. It provides recommendations for political action in research & development and on the promotion of innovation and knowledge transfer at universities.

We analyse the growth of founding initiatives and formal/informal conditions for academic entrepreneurship. Departments in the STEM area (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), and social and artistic fields (health, social work, art/design) will be subject of analysis, as well as attitudes and needs of (potential) founders in the university environment.

Female scientists at Swiss universities are much less likely to engage in founding activities than their male colleagues. In this project, the complex institutional conditions shaping founding initiatives of male and female academics will be explored.

Project Dates

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Liebig
Richard Bläse, Debora Mittner, Prof. Dr. Pietro Morandi
by the Swiss National Science Foundation
Collaboration Seven Universities of Applied Sciences of Switzerland
September 2017 - August 2020