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Collaboration in research and services

Our service

Applied research and development at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) is oriented towards answering questions that arise from practice. The focus is on the development and transfer of research results relevant to practical applications. We realise our projects in partnership with institutions from industry, business, culture and society.

With our range of services, we support companies and institutions in developing tailor-made answers to a wide array of questions in their practice and day-to-day work.

Knowledge and technology transfer is what links teaching, research and services, the aim being to put new and existing knowledge into practice in the form of concepts, methods, products and systems. The FHNW's knowledge and technology transfer departments provide businesses and institutions with fast, straightforward access to the expertise of our nine Schools.

The FHNW Research Support informs about programms and funding opportunities in the international and European (EU) context. We provide general guidance and also support the application and project implementation process. 

Your project

We provide information on

  • Student projects, bachelor’s and master’s degree theses
  • Projects in the field of applied research and development
  • Utilisation of public support programmes (Innosuisse, National fund, EU-programmes, Foundations)
  • Services
  • Advisory services

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Select one subject area even if more than one is involved. The knowledge and technology transfer departments are in touch with each other and will deal with your enquiry.

School of Applied Psychology FHNW

Milena Rutz
Milena Rutz Beauftragte für Qualitätsentwicklung und Wissens- und Technologietransfer
Telephone +41 78 743 21 78 (direct)

School of Architecture, Construction and Geomatics FHNW

Prof. Dr. Achim Geissler
Prof. Dr. Achim Geissler Dozent für nachhaltiges und energieeffizientes Bauen
Telephone +41 61 228 53 73 (direct)

Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW

Dr. Linda Ludwig
Dr. Linda Ludwig Fachstelle Forschung
Telephone +41 61 228 40 73 (direct)

School of Life Sciences FHNW

Dr. Marion Rutsche
Dr. Marion Rutsche Technology Transfer
Telephone +41 61 228 56 27 (direct)

Basel Academy of Music FHNW

Dr. Michael Kunkel
Dr. Michael Kunkel Head of research, Academy of Music FHNW
Telephone +41 61 264 57 35 (direct)

School of Education FHNW

Monika Bänziger
Monika Bänziger Leiterin Geschäftsstelle IFE
Telephone +41 56 202 79 74 (direct)

School of Social Work FHNW

Joshua Weber, MA
Joshua Weber, MA Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Hochschulzentrum, Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit FHNW
Telephone +41 62 957 28 24 (direct)

School of Engineering FHNW

Prof. Thomas Helbling
Prof. Thomas Helbling Head of Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Lecturer
Telephone +41 62 957 22 95 (direct)

School of Business FHNW

Prof. Dr. Regula Altmann-Jöhl
Prof. Dr. Regula Altmann-Jöhl Director FHNW School of Business
Telephone +41 62 957 29 63 (direct)

FHNW Research Support and Euresearch Grants Office

Dr. Andrea Kofler
Dr. Andrea Kofler FHNW Research Support and Euresearch
Telephone +41 56 202 82 09 (direct)
Dr. Katharina Hoffmann
Dr. Katharina Hoffmann FHNW Research Support and Euresearch
Telephone +41 56 202 87 95 (direct)