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Continuing Education

The requirements of professions and the world of work are becoming increasingly complex and are changing rapidly. Our extensive range of continuing education courses offers an answer to this: They are based on sound principles and combine current theories and research results with practical experience. The courses are flexibly tailored to your individual needs and to various career paths. They include courses that are tailor-made for your organisation or company. This is how lifelong learning becomes a reality

Fields of Study

Applied Psychology

Psychological issues are increasingly being identified as important in the world of work.

to Applied Psychology

Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics

The requirements of jobs and the working environment are becoming increasingly complex and subject to rapid change.

to Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics

Art and Design

Grow your skills and knowledge in the fields of art, design, and education by signing into one of our continuing education courses. Besides CAS and MAS ...

to Art and Design


We are happy to help you continue your education, so that you get ahead in your professional and personal life.

to Business


We will help you in your continuing education as a professional in the school and university system. The central topics are teaching, the professional role and ...

to Education


Highly trained professionals are in high demand. We offer advanced training courses in engineering, computer science and management for the next step in your ...

to Engineering

Life Sciences

Analyse environmental problems and find and communicate innovative solutions.

to Life Sciences


The FHNW Academy of Music has an extensive range of courses for musicians in search of a new challenge.

to Music

Social Work

Our innovative and richly diverse continuing education programme is much acclaimed beyond the confines of our discipline.

to Social Work