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Facts & Figures

The FHNW fulfils a fourfold mandate from the Swiss Federation and the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK): education/training, applied research and development, continuing education, and services to third parties.


  • 29 bachelor's degree programmes (Bachelor of Science/BSc and Bachelor of Arts/BA) with 10,355 students
  • 17 master's degree programmes (Master of Science/MSc and Master of Arts/MA) with 2,064 students

Applied Research and Development

  • 1,251 projects with industry partners contributing external funds of CHF 56,5 million and a self-financing ratio of 81 percent (direct costs)

Continuing Education

  • 3,408 qualifications issued, including
    • 391 for Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) programmes
    • 224 for Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) programmes
    • 2,793 for Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programmes
    • External funds of CHF 48,2 million with a self-financing ratio of 158 percent (direct costs)


  • 371 projects with external funds of CHF 8,3 million and a self-financing ratio of 123 percent (direct costs)

Please refer to the FHNW 2018 Annual Report (in German) for more information.

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