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CAS – Certificate of Advanced Studies

Take a targeted approach to building up your competences for a particular professional application.

The 250+ CAS continuing education programmes offered by the FHNW deliver well-founded and practice-oriented knowledge in a compact form. These subject-specific programmes are the basic building blocks of the continuing education offering in the Advanced Studies area. Often part of a MAS or DAS programme, they can also be attended individually. CAS programmes yield at least 10 ECTS points and are based on a skills profile. They take around six months to complete at the FHNW and conclude with a certificate.

A CAS continuing education programme at the FHNW offers:

  • An extensive, tailor-made selection of offerings
  • Targeted development of your skill set
  • First-class lecturers with direct experience of professional practice
  • A boost to your know-how based on the latest scientific findings
  • A recognised qualification for your professional development

Fields of Study

Applied Psychology

Psychological issues are increasingly being identified as important in the world of work.

to Applied Psychology

Architecture, Construction and Geomatics

The requirements of jobs and the working environment are becoming increasingly complex and subject to rapid change.

to Architecture, Construction and Geomatics

Art and Design

Deepen your knowledge and skills in the field of art, design and education by signing into professional continuing education programmes. Numerous workshops on ...

to Art and Design


We are happy to help you continue your education, so that you get ahead in your professional and personal life.

to Business


We will help you in your continuing education as a professional in the school and university system. The central topics are teaching, the professional role and ...

to Education


Highly trained professionals are in high demand. We offer advanced training courses in engineering, computer science and management for the next step in your ...

to Engineering

Life Sciences

Analyse environmental problems and find and communicate innovative solutions.

to Life Sciences


The FHNW Basel Academy of Music has an extensive range of courses for musicians in search of a new challenge.

to Music

Social Work

Our innovative and richly diverse continuing education programme is much acclaimed beyond the confines of our discipline.

to Social Work