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Exchange students

The FHNW School of Engineering  - a great choice for your exchange semester.

The FHNW School of Engineering is located in the high-tech canton of Aargau, at the centre of Switzerland’s strongest economic region. The density of industrial companies as well as engineering consultancy firms represents an important advantage for this area. The FHNW benefits greatly from these conditions and in turn is itself a valuable asset for the region.

Knowledge and technology transfer - our strength
Our faculty and technical staff are experts at the forefront of engineering and technological innovation. They are key players in aR&D as well as in knowledge and technology transfer, making available the latest findings of applied research to businesses operating in an increasingly challenging global market. Companies are offered active support to bridge the gap between top-level research and its practical implementation.

This strong working relationship between research and industry has helped establish both the local and international reputation of the School of Engineering. It also continues to create significant value for our FHNW students, who are highly sought-after by employers when they graduate.

How you can benefit as an exchange student
Come and join us for a semester or two at the School of Engineering and gain valuable international experience while still at university. As expected, you will increase your technical knowledge and skills, but more importantly, you will have the opportunity to apply them in real-life project contexts which demand excellent intercultural, communication and project management skills. You will return home with enhanced career prospects and hopefully also great memories of your time at the FHNW.

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