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DNA test on-site - your personnel - no lab - 30 minutes

SwissDeCode set a global DNA milestone this month with its launch of the first portable, completely self-administered DNA test – the only test empowering staff to confirm supply chain integrity in 30 minutes with no disruption to workflows. SwissDeCode technology means operators Can now verify the purity of their product whenever and wherever they choose – free from the confines and cost of a laboratory.

SwissDeCode’s first product line, DNAFoil, has been embraced by global food supply chain leaders truly dedicated to ensuring consumer well-being, and has been honored with label acceptance by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. Salmonella, E. coli and listeria tests will shortly complement DNAFoil’s already available pork detection test strip.

Ease of use as simple as a home pregnancy test and results available in 30 minutes means interest in SwissDeCode’s mission to build trust and secure the global supply chain is off to an exciting start. The value of a hand-held, simple to use device that detects targeted DNA in concentrations of 0,01 percent is attracting interest on a global scale – from bacon to beauty product purity.

With product recalls in the news daily, the agile, where-you-want-it insight of DNAFoil answers a fundamental need of the interdependent Marketplace – independent, immediate validation of conformity. Blockchain technology, already set to redefine the world’s supply chains, also raises many questions. SwissDeCode is uniquely positioned as the on-site, in-hand validation of choice to protect brand and company reputation at every step of that journey.

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