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the smart way to transport your skis from home to slopes

SkiKlip is a smart, compact, and lightweight wheel & blade device which allows you to effortlessly transport your skis from home to slopes. You just clip it on and off you go.

The wheels are for city streets; the blade is for snow. You simply turn the skis, depending on the terrain, and either roll with the wheels or glide with the blade. When you reach the slopes, you clip it off and put it in your pocket.

SkiKlip eliminates the burden of heavy skis on your shoulders, thus reducing fatigue and risk of injury. It also gives your hands the flexibility to do other things such as phone or text.

SkiKlip is ideal for skiers who take public transportation to the slopes, families with children, golden-agers and convenience-minded skiers of all ages. SkiKlip comes in three designs: trendy, traditional and timeless – a design for every taste.

By making the journey to the slopes easier, SkiKlip encourages the use of public transportation, thus contributing to the protection of the environment, namely Switzerland’s precious glaciers, by helping reduce CO2 emissions. SkiKlip is a Swiss design and product of Zitrona, an innovations start-up specialized in creating next-generation applications, products and solutions with the aim of enhancing everyday life and creating social benefits.

Furthermore, Zitrona will give a percentage of SkiKlip’s profits to help improve quality of life for the disadvantaged children in Switzerland, particularly those in the alp regions.

SkiKlip will be introduced in Switzerland in 2017, with plans to quickly tap into the 125 million global market by exporting to the Alp Region, North America and Asia.

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