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AlphaSystem™: the newest technology in machine condition monitoring

AlphaSystem™ offers the newest technology in machine condition monitoring to operators of large combustion engines and other rotating machines.

A unique diagnostic algorithm allows customers to avoid unplanned downtimes, reduce fuel consumption and emissions and minimize operating and maintenance cost. It is easily scalable to all sizes of operations enabling realtime fleet condition monitoring.

With data analytics technologies getting more powerful by the day, most industries are aiming to transition from reactive and time-based to condition-based and predictive maintenance strategies.

This approach requires reliable diagnostic data which cannot always be generated easily. AlphaSystem™ bridges this gap as it is easy and cost-effective to retrofit on existing machines. Contrary to other solutions, it is non-intrusive and delivers condition reports within minutes. Results can be accessed remotely on the diagnostic unit or via a cloud-based data hub.

AlphaSystem™ is best utilized in industries where downtime and repair cost are high and where constant availability is critical. Fleet operators and maintenance organizations rely on it for applications in railway, marine, oil & gas, power generation, mining and industrial automation.

Whether it is applied to engines on cruise ships, mining vehicles, traction motors on high-speed trains or generators on wind turbines, AlphaSystem™ allows operators to make their business cleaner, more reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

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