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KetoSwiss: strives to reintroduce an ancient fuel for the dietary management of migraine

With 1 billion people in the world suffering from migraine, it represents the third most common disease. Migraine not only causes a huge amount of suffering, but also inflicts a substantial amount of costs on society: approximately 111 billion Euros per year in Europe alone, when both estimates of costs of health care-related expenditures, as well as losses due to reduced productivity are included.

KetoSwiss is a biotechnology company located in Basel, that develops a novel nutraceutical / medical food for the dietary preventive therapy of higher-frequency migraines through the introduction of ketone bodies.

Due to our modern-world diet being very rich in carbohydrates, our brains rely almost exclusively on glucose as a source of fuel. This can contribute to an energy-deficiency in the brain and in turn to neurological diseases, that are known to have a metabolic component associated to it.

Recent research suggests that ketone bodies – acting as an alternative fuel source for the brain – are able to circumvent some of the abnormalities in glucose metabolism found in migraine. Through an innovative therapeutic intervention targeting cerebral metabolism, the active substance of MigraKet – KetoSwiss’ lead product – can be used by the brain as an alternative fuel source to glucose, when Glucose utilization or transport is compromised.

KetoSwiss strives to bring human identical ketone bodies back into our modern world. We develop potent, clinically tested, Swiss quality ketone body products to combat neurological civilization diseases. In brief, KetoSwiss makes Fuel for Brains.

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