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SaaS software platform: we bring leisure activity organizers on the path of digitalization

It is no secret that Switzerland is a nature lover’s paradise, and that there is an adventure waiting on every mountain top and turquoise lake. Annual spending on leisure activities amounts to 6 billion Swiss francs in Switzerland only.

Worldwide, it amounts to 202 billion francs per year, and  here  comes  the  interesting  fact as the market size could easily increase by up to 20 percent by applying revenue management and capacity optimization to better price leisure activities.

In fact, canoe tours are still selling for the same price all year on, every day of the week, at every hour of the day. Smeetz is here to change that, as we bring small and medium activity organizers on the path of digitalization with our SaaS software platform. We help them increase their revenue and reach their market using data analytics and AIpowered dynamic pricing.

At Smeetz, a challenge is an everyday adventure and expansion into the German-speaking part of Switzerland is now one of our main goals. To date, we have been converting around 20 new B2B-customers every month almost organically and have transacted for almost 1 million Swiss francs over our software platform.

Don’t hesitate to write to us, if you are interested in working with us.

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