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TERAPET: safer Proton Therapy for Cancer Treatment. Right Treatment. Every Patient. Every Time.

Proton therapy is the most precise radiotherapy using high-energy particles to treat cancer. However, today there is no real-time dose verification system commercially available for proton therapy and the treatment only relies on simulations, we are not 100 percent sure about where inside the patient the dose is delivered. Doctors are handling this by intentionally treating a volume larger than the actual tumour, which increases the damage to healthy cells, or even rejecting patients that could benefit from proton therapy. The full potential of proton therapy can still not be utilized.

TERAPET, a CERN start-up, is founded by two CERN physicists and a leading oncologist from Geneva University Hospitals. The purpose of TERAPET is to develop and commercialize innovative solutions for a safer, more precise and timesaving proton therapy for cancer treatment.

Our solution enables medical doctors for the first time to monitor the delivered proton dose inside the patients during cancer treatment in 3D, in real-time, in-vivo and in a non-invasive way, in order to eliminate one of the biggest obstacles: ensuring that every patient receives the right dose, every time.

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