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Modulbeschreibung - Customer Acquisition and CRM
(Kundenakquisition und -bindung)

ECTS 3.0
Aspiration Level Specialized (control timetable 5-th semester; WS)
Learning objectives The students
- have mastered the basics of the sales approach.
- assess the scope of key account management and design a situationally appropriate sales concept.
- choose the appropriate, goal-oriented communication instrument and draw up a suitable briefing for the agency.
- grasp the significance of companywide customer orientation and systematically develop starting points for improvements.
- assess the customer's profit potential and define activities for the improvement of results.
- develop solutions for increased customer loyalty
Summary - Sales methods (requirement analysis, customer presentation, conclusion)
- Key account management
- Marketing communication for a defined product (impersonal instruments of product promotion) within the different phases of the product life cycle
- Application and the pros and cons of impersonal communication instruments
- Philosophy and instruments of relationship marketing
- Customer orientation and customer satisfaction
- CRM: Methods, instruments and economic aspects (Customer life time value, among other things)
- The significance of added value in relation to customer loyalty
- After sales marketing
Previous Knowledge - Marketing basics
- Marketing instruments: Product, Price, Place and Promotion
Performance assessment Oral assessment
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