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Modulbeschreibung - Supply Chain Operations II / SCOR

ECTS 3.0
Level advanced
Overview This module covers the two different models SCOR and Lean in supply chain processes. The models can be used as a common language between all involved parties to describe a specific supply chain. It also lays a solid basis for process improvement and optimization. A mix of theory and practical training helps to operationally use the models in a practical business case.

Theory of SCOR and Lean:

  • Supply Chain Operations Reference Model
  • Lean Management and value stream mapping

Transfer study:

  • Use SCOR and Lean in a teamwork
  • Develop, document and present creative and industrial strength solutions
Learning objectives

  • The students are able to describe advantages and operational conditions of using SCOR and Lean.
  • They are able to read, describe, explain and interpret existing process charts in both models.
  • They can illustrate logistical processes in SCOR and Lean
  • They can identify optimization potential in supply chains, quantify it and design feasible solutions.
Previous knowledge

  • Grundlagen der Unternehmenslogistik (Glul)
  • Produktionslogistik und Materialwirtschaft (Plm)
  • Lager- und Distributionslogistik (Ldl)
Exam format Erfahrungsnote und MSP schriftlich
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