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Module description - Measurement and Control Engineering Laboratory
(Labor Mess- und Regelungstechnik)

ECTS 3.0
Level intermediate
Overview Measurement and control engineering are crucial for modern technological systems and have significance beyond the industrial domain, e.g. for medicine and economy. They are key technologies for many Swiss companies. The entire spectrum – from fundamental measurement principles to closed-loop control of mobile robots – is illustrated using numerous laboratory exercises.
Part 1 – measurement engineering:

  • fundamental concepts and terms of measurement engineering
  • measurement of electrical signals using digital multimeter, oscilloscopes, and measurement circuits
  • measurement of non-electrical signals, e.g. temperature and distance
  • handling of measurement uncertainty and practical challenges
  • design and execution of experiments as well as analysis of the results

Part 2 – control engineering:

  • fundamental concepts and terms of control engineering
  • description and identification of dynamical systems
  • controller types (PID, two-position, and three-position controller)
  • design and simulation of control loops

Laboratory exercises:

    The theoretical contents are accompanied by demonstrations and laboratory exercises carried out by the students themselves. The continuous assessment grade mainly consists of several graded laboratory exercises.
Learning objectives The students:

  • can apply the fundamental terms of measurement and control engineering correctly.
  • can make reasonable use of measurement instruments in order to measure electrical and non-electrical quantities.
  • are aware of the main limitations and uncertainties regarding of measurements methods.
  • can plan, execute, and interpret an experiment as well as analyze and judge the precision of experimental data.
  • can examine and characterize dynamical systems using appropriate methods and select a suitable type of controller.
  • can tune controllers for specific applications and simulate control loops.
Previous knowledge

  • Mathematik Grundlagen (magl)
  • Elektrotechnik (eltW)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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