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Modulbeschreibung - Individual paper

ECTS 3.0
Level advanced
Overview The writing of scientific reports requires specific knowledge and a range of indispensable skills - on the one hand theoretical analysis of the actual content and on the other that all-important experience of independent compilation of this type of report.

Teaching of an application-focused, methodological basis for conducting scientific research on the themes:

  • Knowledge, science, research and findings
  • Dealing with specialist literature (source research, analysis, checking and criticism)
  • Identification of themes and narrowing down of issues
  • Developing and justifying theses
  • Structuring a dissertation, creating a schedule
  • Formal standards for compiling scientific dissertations (citations and referencing in the bibliography, layout, etc.)
Learning objectives Students are able to compile a scientific dissertation (individual project); they deepen their knowledge of a subject covered in the Wing course. They know how to define the issue in precise terms and how to narrow the issue down.

They are able to structure their dissertation in a logical way, know how to formulate hypotheses and justify them in a comprehensible way. They are able to find literature on a particular subject and to evaluate it critically.

They are familiar with the fundamental principles of scientific research and apply these actively: research, documentation, referencing, citation and implementation of standards of representation.

They are able to summarize what they have read on a particular subject and to reflect on it.
Previous knowledge

  • Projekt 1 (pro1W)
  • Projekt 2 (pro2W)
  • Projekt 3 (pro3W)
  • Projekt 4 (pro4W)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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