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Module description - Advanced Conversation (Elective)

ECTS 2.0
Level C1 / C2
Overview This module develops the skills of listening and speaking at an advanced level, enabling students to communicate successfully in a social or business setting

  • Students will discuss a complex topic based on input supplied by students themselves.
  • They will contribute to, and participate in wide ranging discussions, encouraging them to activate the spoken language in a range of contexts reflective of the way speaking is employed in realistic situations
Learning objectives Upon successful completion of the module, participants will:

  • initiate, maintain and end a conversation in an appropriate manner
  • deal confidently and fluently with an extensive range of complex language forms
  • follow extended speech and understand implied as well as stated meaning
  • employ complex language flexibly and effectively to suit the purpose in a social or professional setting
Previous knowledge

  • Entry based on placement test or successful completion of e4/ten2. Language level C1 or above.
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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