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Modulbeschreibung - Power Systems
(Elektrische Energietechnik (SG W))

ECTS 3.0
level intermediate
overview Today as well as in the decades to come, existing structures of the electric power systems will have to be adapted to challenges like integration of renewable energy resources, drop out of nuclear energy, reduction of CO2 emissions. An overview "from power plant to plug socket" should enable the students to communicate with their colleagues specialized in power systems and to contribute their own view as generalists.

  • Trailer: How much energy can be handled by 1 m³ of power technology?
  • The context of power economy
  • Technical and economical structure of electricity grids
  • Generation of electric energy
  • Transportation of electric energy
  • Storage of electric energy
  • Use of electric energy – rotating machines as an example
  • Protection of equipment, material, and persons
learning objectives The students are able to list the components of the electricity supply chain from production to consumption, and to explain the basics of power system technology. They can classify the challenges of the topical energy policy and describe their consequences. The basics taught in the module enable the students to assess the energy potential or the power capacity of electric energy systems quantitatively, too. They are able, at that, to follow the discussions of specialized colleagues and to train themselves to a still deeper comprehension of the field.
previous knowledge
  • Electrical Engineering eltW
  • Mechanics mechW
  • exam format written module final exam
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