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Module description - Project 6 Computer Science (Bachelor Thesis)
(Projekt 6 Informatik Bachelor Thesis)

ECTS 12.0
Level advanced
Overview In the Project 6 (bachelor’s thesis) students apply the knowledge from their studies in a major assignment about a current industry. Its outcome will show whether the students have reached the professional skill of a computer science engineer.

    In general the assignment encompasses:
  • the exact description and analysis of the project;
  • an analysis of the problem based on stakeholder demands (sponsor, end-user, etc. );
  • an conceptual/or theoretical problem solving approach;
  • the implementation of a solution;
  • a contemplation of the results;
  • a comparison of the own results with related work, (legacy-) systems or (theoretical) concepts;
  • a documented report of the work. It is directed to IT professionals and includes at least the starting position, the methodology, the results and an analysis of the results. The report should be creative, logically and systematically structured as well as written in correct English.
  • the presentation, which is directed to a professional audience and contains the essentials of the problem and its solution as well a demonstration of the results;
  • the defense of own concepts, theoretical and practical solutions before a critical technical audience.

Learning Objectives Student

  • can analyse open problems in computer science, work technically correct and integrate the achieved results;
  • reflect about their own methodology and critically scrutinise the achieved results;
  • can depict correctly and professionally all essential aspects of the project in a project report;
  • phrase the project report technically correct and in a fact-bound manner in order to make their findings reproducible.
  • can confidently and competently present to a professional audience the technical relationships, the methodologies as well as the contemplated results of their project work ;
  • apply project management and documentation techniques appropriately. Those were learned in the Projects 1 – 4;
  • push their project autonomously by actively communicating with all relevant stakeholders and experts.

Previous knowledge
  • Computer Science Project 5 (pro5I)
  • English level B2 (e.g. passed module E3)

Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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