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Module description - Visualising Information

ECTS 3.0
Level advanced
Overview As a result of the increasing amount of data, the exploration and analysis of large data sets is becoming more and more difficult. In order to gain information, knowledge and new insights from these data, methodological, technical and design knowledge is necessary.
The goal of the module is to provide these basics in order to generate interactive visual representations from complex data.

  • Foundations of information visualization and visual analytics
  • Technical implementation possibilities for interactive data visualization
  • Chart typologies
  • Interactive 2D and 3D visualization
  • Information Narratives
  • Formal design criteria of information visualization
Learning Objectives The students know the basic methods and creative concepts of interactive information visualization. They know how to gain insights from complex data. They are familiar with actual questions and applications in the field of information visualization and visual analytics.
The students can analyze and evaluate different visualizations, apply principles of information visualization for the presentation of different types of data as well as develop interactive data visualizations.
They are able to create browser-based interactive visualizations with JavaScript.
Previous knowledge

  • Design Theory and Processes (dtpC)
  • User Interface and Interaction Design (uidC)
  • Linear Algebra (lalg1)
  • Object Oriented programming (oopl2)
  • English level B2 (e.g. passed module ten1)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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