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Module description - Marketing and Product Management
(Marketing und Produktmanagement)

ECTS 3.0
Level intermediate
Overview This module provides the foundations of marketing with great emphasis on software product management and international case examples. In the first part, we explore the four key concepts of the marketing mix model, also known as the 4Ps together with customer behaviour. In the second part, we examine software product management in greater depth, thereby covering relevant strategic and operational subjects.

Part 1 – Foundations of marketing

  • Customer behaviour
  • Marketing mix model (4P) with Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion
  • Marketing goals and process

Part 2 – Emphasis on international software product management

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Organisation
  • Product Manager
  • Innovation
  • Branding
  • Product vision

Learning objectives Students:

  • recognize the great importance of „marketing thinking“ for successful business activities;
  • know the common terms, instruments and basic concepts of marketing and software product management;
  • know „best practices“ of the international marketing and product management landscape;
  • discuss and analyse theoretical approaches with practical examples;
  • know and evaluate suitable instruments and concepts which companies could implement for effective use in marketing and software product management issues;
  • apply their learning to practically oriented case studies.

Previous knowledge Betriebswirtschaftslehre (bwlC) or similar (basic) business administration knowledge
Requirements Engineering (reqC) or similar (basic) knowledge
English Level B2 (e.g. passed module e2)
Exam format Continuous assessment grade
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